Our Values

Transformation - Driving transformation across farms and ranches of all types. Farms need to be able to make a shift to keep up with the growing pressures of the economy, climate, population growth and changing markets.
Knowledge - In depth knowledge is essential for being the resource of choice. Reliable research in the sectors that influence strategy is paramount to effective decision making and commitment from all partners.
Ecologically Sound - Environmental impact within a holistic framework that considers not only conservation but also remediation and restoration. Transforming agriculture creates the mandate to rethink negatively impactful historical practices and reengineer or replace them with those that consider the triple bottom line for farms and the future.
Resilience - A Resilient food supply system will help ensure a secure future as such a system is more capable of weathering the volatile global markets and the growing threats of extreme climate. Diversification of crops, sustainable farming methods, and a move away from animal agriculture aid in national food security and farm stability.
Systematic - Embracing the application of technology, especially software and hardware technology solutions. Pioneering solutions integrated at every level will help to ensure effective farming practices and improved yields.
Strong Economics - Plans must be economically sound to create meaningful alternative strategies. Transforming farms must mean demonstrably positive economic impact.
Efficient - Aggregating and streamlining data for efficient distribution and uptake. It is essential that clear protocols are available that cut through the noise of diverging markets and complexity of production.
Innovation - Farmer-led research and small-scale agricultural innovations are fundamental for sustainable farming solutions. In an effort to stave off industrial agriculture’s near monopoly over family farming, land, and markets around the country we believe it is paramount to nurture local innovation—a key element of farmer success and self-reliant subsistence farming communities.
Community - Successful agriculture is based on a network of relationships. Building a community of mentorship, advisement and peer support is key to making effective and lasting change.
Quantifiable - Impact while in many cases may be long reaching will need to be evaluated by tangible metrics. Having quantifiable results that can be adjusted and replicated will catalyze transformation efforts on every level.
Scalable - Leveraging consistent management, partnerships and novel community engagement initiatives. Remaining focused on an extensible model in an effort to assist an ever wider portion of the addressable market.

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