About Farm Transformation Institute


Transforming farms from industrial animal agriculture to plant-based alternatives is a new and necessary field that requires visionary thinking and innovative solutions.

Solutions that will enrich the planet, sustain farmers and create healthier, more efficient, alternative proteins.

The information needed is multi-field, geographically diverse and data intensive.

Our platform integrates these many layers to build a cohesive vision for farmers to tap into and begin to thrive.

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Read Our Values

Transforming Lives and Agriculture Through New Methods and Crops to Grow a Better World

Farmers hold the key to better food, a safer planet and a sound future. By working with farms, the true source of our food, we have the opportunity to "farm our future."

We endeavour to cultivate the world we want to live in just as we cultivate the crops we sow.

We believe that for a solution to be truly right it has to be right for everyone.

We want to disrupt the food system for the better, while improving social welfare for farmers, ensuring animal welfare and contributing to a positive environmental impact for our future.